“Our Approach”

PR isn’t changing… it has changed.

In an environment where fewer and fewer journalists are covering more and more stories than ever before, media members are increasingly taking a “don’t call us…we’ll call you” approach to finding sources and stories to cover.

Rather than waiting around to be pitched by traditional PR reps, many media members are looking for their own sources by heading to Google, Twitter or HARO and searching for a “deep water oil spill expert” or a “top neurologist.”

Those authors, experts and sources that have built out a digital platform that showcases their credentials and provides valuable information on their topic area have widened their nets to catch such a query.

This change in the way that media members research stories has resulted in a fundamental shift in the way that authors and experts have to think about their digital platforms. While an online platform must focus on connecting and engaging with readers, fans and other members of the public, it also must be built to attract the attention of media members, organizations, influencers, potential clients and others who can have a far greater impact on visibility.

We help our clients stand out in this new environment because we understand that creating strategies to organically pull media hits, speaking opportunities and client relationships is much more efficient, not to mention easier, than trying to pitch your way on the air.

We want to work with clients to create social media and interactive strategies that generate attention—online and off.

In some cases this process starts with a content strategy, a dynamic new website and continues with a series of social media training sessions.  In other cases, it starts with an online brand audit and a social media and digital marketing strategy focused on coverage surrounding a book launch.

In every case, it starts with a strategic, valuable message and a credentialed client who wants to impact lives around the world.

It is important to note that many of our clients have never been intentional about developing a social media or digital marketing strategy and, in some cases, a blank slate isn’t a bad place to start.

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